The Fritz Close Out Three Night Run At Dunedin Brewery – 8/31/2019


As we ended night two of three last night, we all thought the hurricane was getting closer and as a result, tensions were getting a bit higher. Upon waking however, we found the hurricane is forecast to veer to the right and ride the East coast, potentially not even making landfall, making the last night of this three night run is especially special and full of life from locals looking to stretch out after thinking back on recent Irma destruction.

This amazing group of guys packed the house for one last night, as we all squeezed in almost as tight as Prince Albert in a can. Anticipation was high before start as the crowd piled into the brewery, almost to capacity and the band hadn’t appeared on stage until 25 minutes after their scheduled starting time.


The waiting and anticipation for the band to start quickly melted away as they opened their final Dunedin Brewery performance with “Voices” and quickly lit the fire under the skillet we all became cooked into. This set was through the roof with energy from the band being directed to (and received by) the crowd.

It was a bunch of fun watching them jam through each song, giving each other time to project their given craft into each piece of the experience; watching the queues back and forth to continue on jamming, come back into the reprisals, segways into oncoming tunes was a great time.


During the first set, they played a song I still don’t recognize, listed simply as “Boogie” on their set list, into a HEATER cover of “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” by Stevie Wonder. Being right up front, I decided to take video right as they began this two song jam and have uploaded it to YouTube. You can check it out here.

Second set opened with their number one played song on Spotify, “Waste My Time” and completely smashed it. They took the jam into an almost heavy metal jam and brought back the reprisal by the time everyone had forgotten we had even left that song unfinished. With this opening for the set, we knew they were going to blow our minds to end their three night run.


As the set progressed on, the energy in the room built to near atomic levels as they guided us into one of the hottest covers of Prince’s “Doves Cry” with an amazing jamtronica into Kings of Leon’s “Someone Like You” cover, which ended in an intimate acapella with the crowd providing percussion and full-on choir-style singing the chorus.

By the end of the show, I’m surprised the doors weren’t held open by the amount of energy and heat put out by the band and crowd feeding into and off of each other. Mike and Mike were given their opportunity to light us up with their Latin-influenced session, cramming the dance floor with more people than we had both nights. They ended the night by taking us over the top with a stellar “Lady Marmalade” into the show closer, “Sound. Habits. Blame.”


The Fritz is one of those bands at their core that stays completely true to form with their intricate jams, dabbling on the jamtronica, but able to take you into a scene from the 70s, walking through the concrete jungle with your new suede shoes ready to have a night out with those closest to you.

This weekend was nothing short of amazing, and I was able to spend every bit of it with my girlfriend making new memories and seeing a band neither of us had seen before this run. As we walked home from downtown Dunedin, we reflected on the weekend and hopes for the future with excited anticipation.


I’d like to end by saying Thank you to The Fritz for gracing Dunedin with The Funk. I’d also like to give a HUGE THANK YOU to the crew in the kitchen, behind the bar, and on the soundboards at Dunedin Brewery for their constant elevation in great music, food, and beers. Most of all, thanks for reading along and enjoying The Experience with us!

Here’s the set list as written for both sets. I managed to snag a picture between sets for reference.

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